by Bill Pearis


New Orleans duo Generationals have signed to Polyvinyl who will release their new album, Heza, on April 2. The album was produced in part by Spoon's Jim Eno (who also worked on the new Telekinesis). The first track to be released from it is "Spinoza" which finds Generationals a little more guitar-oriented than we've heard from them in a while, but no less catchy. You can stream it below, where you can also check out Heza's cover art and tracklist.



Generationals - Heza tracklist
1. Spinoza
2. Extra Free Year
3. Say When
4. You Got Me
5. Put a Light On
6. I Never Know
7. Awake
8. Kemal
9. I Used to Let You Get to Me
10. Durga II

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