Boutique clothing chain Rag & Bone, which sells $275 hoodies and other pricey basics, currently has a street art mural on the wall outside of it's NoLIta location at Houston and Elizabeth bearing the slogan "Gentrify This" and incorporating the CBGB logo as well as the iconic image of Paul Simonon smashing his bass from the cover of The Clash's London Calling. (Via Bowery Boogie.). It's the latest in the Houston/Project aka Rag and Bone’s revolving series of street art they've had ever since taking over the 73 E. Houston St address that was home to much-loved Cafe Colonial (which closed in 2010). This particular piece is by street artist Dan Whedon (aka Omni NYC) and seems to be a very personal statement judging by what he wrote about it on Instagram:

Years ago Elizabeth street was a block teaming with artists, musicians, mobsters, Chinese and Dominican families, and lots of history. Scorsese, among others were either raised, or lived on this block. Apart from the occasional scrap,We all got along.

Now, stores open and shut, tenants come and go. It has become a block for the rich. All that color has faded into money green.

I am a graffiti artist. Schooled on the subways as well as classically.

I'm doing a painting on the corner of Houston and Elizabeth using an iconic image to smash the gentrification which has in my opinion destroyed the fabric of this neighborhood...of NYC.

Dan documented the whole creation of the piece on instagram and you can check that out below.

Previous murals in the Houston/Project series include David Bowie, a Richie Rich piece by Jerkface, and one paying tribute to Cafe Colonial. Speaking of murals of the Clash, the Joe Strummer mural at Ave A and 7th is still up.

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