Geoff Rickly

Geoff Rickly has been running into some bad luck lately. Just days after the Thursday/United Nations/No Devotion frontman had to sever ties with his label's controversial financial backer (and said "this is going to end the career of the record label"), he was poisoned and robbed during No Devotion's European tour. The band posted the above Instagram and the caption reads:

Just a little note to say that I was poisoned & robbed (outside our @reeperbahn_festival venue on Friday) and spent the night in the hospital in Hamburg. I'm recovering and will be in Paris tonight. <3 sorry to anyone that was at our show for the cancellation. outpouring of love & support @collectrecords @nodevotionband @normanbrannon @shaundurkan is nothing short remarkable.< p>

It isn't clear how he was poisoned, but AltPress points out, "Seasoned travelers say these types of crimes (poisoning someone's drink and then waiting for the effects to kick in order to rob them) targeting tourists are quite frequent." Best of luck to Geoff.

No Devotion's debut album came out this past Friday (9/25), and their tour includes the BrooklynVegan + Collect Records CMJ showcase with Nothing, Wax Idols, Creepoid and Foxes In Fiction.