photo: Geoff Rickly w/ No Devotion at BV/Collect CMJ (more by Amanda Hatfield)
No Devotion

2015 has been quite the up and down year for Geoff Rickly and his label Collect Records. After saying just three weeks ago on stage at the BV/Collect CMJ showcase that he wasn't sure if the label would be able to continue after severing ties with the controversial Martin Shkreli (who had been a financial backer of Collect), things are now looking more promising. In a series of tweets, Geoff writes:

Collect Records is starting to bounce back. Finding new investors. Working on relaunching. The Wax Idols record has been an unqualified success. Out of print already! And No Devotion charted!!! Didn't expect that! So regardless of the past, I'm looking forward to the future. And holding our ethics and art to a higher standard than we ever have. xx

That came after Geoff linked to an interview with Martin Shkreli by HIV positive journalist Josh Robbins, which he said, "makes me wonder if we jumped too soon in cutting ties." He then continued:

I think Capitalism as a whole can be pretty gruesome and Pharma especially. But I am starting to wonder where all the patients that have been denied access to Daraprim are. And--obviously-- my first duty is to my bands and artists. To make them feel comfortable about being on an ethically responsible label. Their comfort and perception of safety can even trump reality. I live to serve art. I always have. And art is 99% perception.

Well let's hope things do in fact get better for Collect. Watch videos off the Wax Idols and No Devotion albums below...


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