Multi-talented multi-genre artist Georgia Anne Muldrow began a two-night, four-show run at NYC's Blue Note Jazz Club on Wednesday night (9/29) with an amazing show that mixed spoken word, poetry, hip-hop, and jazz, at times venturing into the psychedelic. We caught the night's early set, where the lines between songs blurred, with extended jams bridging the gap between them. She manipulated her voice, double-tracking it with a pair of mics, and veered from spoken word into scat singing with her band as they laid down jazz tracks, letting loose with her booming voice to cries of "yeah!" that felt like they could bust out of the small venue. Her music encompasses everything from struggle and pain to humor and love, and she was generous with the latter, breaking out into huge smiles often and telling the crowd at the end that she wished them lots of love and happiness.

Georgia's nearly two-hour set probably would have continued if her manager hadn't had her stop to prepare for her second show of the evening. See pictures from the early show by P Squared, and a video clip, below.

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