Back in 2006, Devo's Gerald V. Casale released Mine Is Not A Holy War under the name Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers, which featured the rest of Devo and is generally regarded as the band's lost album. It's getting an overdue reissue on vinyl and CD from Real Gone Music. The limited edition vinyl will be out June 12 for Record Store Day, with the CD released on July 9. The CD comes with five bonus tracks.

One of those bonus tracks is new single "I'm Gonna Pay U Back," which features  Devo's Josh Freese and Josh Hager as well as Oingo Boingo guitarist Steve Bartek. That is also getting released as a 7" single on July 9 with unreleased tracks "Huboon Stomp" and "Pieces of Joe!" as b-sides. You can listen to "I'm Gonna Pay You Back" and check out the tracklist for the reissue below.

You can pre-order the CD and 7" single now.

In other news, DEVO will be performing at Riot Fest and Punk Rock Bowling in September.

1. The Time Is Now
2. Army Girls Gone Wild
3. Danger
4. Beehive
5. I Been Refused
6. The Owl
7. What’s In A Name?
8. If The Shoe Fits
9. All She Wrote
10. Find Out
11. He’s Always There
12. I Need A Chick
13. Pieces Of Joe [unreleased demo]
14. Huboon Stomp [previously unreleased]
15. I’m Gonna Pay U Back
16. I’m Gonna Pay U Back [instrumental]
17. The Manifesto [previously unreleased]