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Hex Machine @ SXSW 2009
hex machine

FRANCOSO (aka Dr. Happy Roll) prescription of BASS GUITAR throbbing attack from super excellent bands Sleestak and Noise Information extreme underground disease music; RUIZ (aka Oki-Sapo) delivery of ultra explosion tiger DRUM style makes rhythm music with Slowrider, Loser, Harelip and Daniel Lanois very sparkle boom sounds; NELSON (aka Momotaro) on monster hot rod ELECTRONIC DEVICE style from Unicorn, Man is the Bastard and or Bastard Noise very ear pain groups! Please enjoy GERONIMO original spirit sounds with smile and ear happiness!

While I enjoy that that brief synopsis on the origins of Geronimo (taken from their own MySpace page), Aquarius Records does one better:

Sold? We would be. Imagine Man Is The Bastard transported back to the early seventies and let loose in This Heat's Cold Storage recording studio, or take the black hypno kraut noise of former aQ record of the week, Aluk Todolo and strip it down to its bare essence, a sound based almost entirely on rhythm. A pounding, Neanderthal groove, pelted with squelches, and laced with a strangled inhuman mewling, huge chunks of grinding minimalism and long swaths of dreamy shimmering bliss, an ultra intense slab of kraut-doom power violence for sure.

Any band that has a mention of This Heat, Man Is The Bastard, and Aluk Todolo is worth a look for me. Geronimo are currently touring the east coast and have a show scheduled in Brooklyn on Thursday (August 27th) at Death By Audio with the mighty Hex Machine and the equally kick ass Pollution.

Hex Machine are rocking a handful of dates with Geronimo before heading out on the road to do a few with Dysrhthymia. The pics above and below are from SXSW when they played the Slow Southern Steel Showcase along with Rwake, Zoroaster (who recently played The Studio @ WH), The Devil & The Sea, and Music Hates You.

Pollution has one other dates scheduled. It's at the DIY spot Stolen Sleeves Collective with Battletorn, Regrets, Black Kites, and Swallowed Up on 9/10. All dates below...

Hex Machine
hex machine

About Geronimo

Aug 26 2009 The Hexagon w/ Needle Gun, Halflings, Earth Crown Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 27 2009 Death By Audio w/ Pollution Brooklyn, New York
Aug 28 2009 Danger Danger Gallery Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 29 2009 Howlers Coyote Cafe Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug 30 2009 Now Thats Class Cleveland, Ohio
Aug 31 2009 Subterranean w/ Juhyo Chicago, Illinois
Sep 1 2009 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, Iowa
Sep 2 2009 Duffys Tavern w/ Wasteoid Lincoln, Nebraska
Sep 4 2009 Blast O Mat Denver

Aug 25 2009 The TRIPLE w/ GERONIMO + Head Molt Richmond, Virginia
Aug 27 2009 Death By Audio w/ GERONIMO + Pollution Brooklyn, New York
Sep 19 2009 Empire w/ HEKS ORKEST (ex_Denali-Engine Down_Kepone, etc) + TBA Laurel and Broad St. Richmond, Virginia
Oct 2 2009 Talking Head w/ DYSRHYTHMIA Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 3 2009 929 W. Grace St. w/ DYSRHYTHMIA + the Wayward + Frankzig Richmond, Virginia
Oct 4 2009 Volume 11 w/ DYSRHYTHMIA Raleigh, North Carolina

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