Jane's Addiction @ Sasquatch 2009 (more by Chris Graham)
Janes Addiction

A Letter from Trent Reznor:

I am very happy to announce the inclusion of a really cool VIP package for Jane's Addiction fans that is strictly limited - so if this unique offer sounds cool to you, act quickly.

Since this fundraiser began, the Jane's guys have been wanting to contribute somehow and they've come up with something really cool. These guys actually set up and play for a good chunk of time in a room backstage to warm up and jam together BEFORE they hit the stage. Jane's stuff, covers, who knows. What they've come up with is this:

For $1,000. PER PERSON, they'll allow 10 guests per show (strictly limited) to come backstage and hang out with them while they play in their practice room (literally standing right next to them in a small, intimate living-room type environment), grab autographs and then watch Jane's Addiction from the side of the stage if you'd like.

Please note: some of this takes place the same time NIN is onstage, so realize you will be missing a PORTION of NIN's show if you participate in this.

If you're a Jane's fan, this is an incredibly rare opportunity to see and meet these guys in action close up like you've never seen before.

All proceeds from this will go to help Eric De LA Cruz get a new heart and a new chance at life. Eric is of the many left behind by a broken, uncaring health-care system.


Details on Eric here:

Spots are left for the shows coming up at Jones Beach, PNC Bank Arts Center, and Camden.

Perry got hit in the head with a water bottle cap at the June 1st MA show, and he got pissed, as you can see in the video below (he gets hit 50 seconds in)....

Person from the pit at the NIN/JA Comcast center show in Mansfield, MA throws a water bottle cap at Perry Farrell the singer of Jane's Addiction.

0:50 seconds start at if your impatient