Pre-order our exclusive white/blue splatter vinyl variant of Bad Brains' 'Rock For Light.'

We've been teaming with Bad Brains and Org Music all year on exclusive vinyl variants of each release in their extensive reissue campaign, and we just launched pre-orders for a new white/blue splatter variant of 1983's classic Rock For Light, limited to 350 copies. Earlier this year, we had a red/black splatter variant limited to 500 that sold out quick, so act fast!

This reissue features the original mix and tracklist, which had been out of print for decades up until this year. The album was produced by The Cars' Ric Ocasek, and Darryl Jenifer spoke to us about working with Ric when we interviewed him earlier this year:

When we met Ric, we didn't have any gear or nothing so he gave us an amp, a Boogie amp which is real expensive. He came down to our show. It felt like, for us, someone that was odd. Someone one that, to me personally, I wouldn't dig, because I was punk. A punk don't like new wave, see what I'm saying? But now here's this new wave guy who likes punk but he was older and real famous and giving us the amp and inviting us on his solo records. He came out to be like an uncle. What I learned from him production-wise was he wasn't the type of producer that's going to be telling us about our verses and our chords and all of that shit or whatever, it was just more about babysitting us, in a way, you know what I mean? Making sure we were there and don't waste time, that we're getting it done, almost like you recognize from being an older guy, like, "Whatever it is about these guys that attracted me, that's what I want to see them lay down, not like me trying to influence," like other producers do. Like "that's wrong right there, you should come in with this" - there was none of that going on in Ric Ocasek overseeing production.

Read the rest of the interview here and pre-order your copy of the new variant HERE.

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