For Your Health's In Spite Of is one of the year's best post-hardcore albums, so we're excited to reveal that we've teamed with the band on a second vinyl pressing of the album. Our "butterfly clear with opaque red" variant is limited to 100 copies, and available exclusively in our stores. Pre-order yours now while they last. That's a mock-up of the variant above.

We spoke to vocalist Hayden Rodriguez about the album earlier this year, and here's an excerpt from our article:

The 12-song album functions as one grand statement where each song bleeds directly into the next, making for a record that towers over everything For Your Health did beforehand. The production is clear and refined without toning down the attack of the band's earlier, rawer recordings, and the music is far more ambitious. The earlier releases fit somewhat neatly into "screamo," but In Spite Of is more of a screamo-infused, genre-defying post-hardcore album, incorporating a vast array of sounds from under the umbrella of heavy music.

The new album exists somewhere around the halfway point between early Daughters and the experimental late period of Fear Before the March of Flames -- both of whom Hayden cites as influences -- with the former's discordant fury and the latter's collage of vocal styles. Across In Spite Of's relatively short running time, the band can go from violent grind to shimmering post-rock passages to chugging metalcore riffs to mid-tempo emo-pop, and they frequently switch from one extreme to another at the drop of a hat. They're impossibly tight, and all the little mathy, off-kilter intricacies are executed with extreme precision. As guitarist Damian Chacon, bassist Johnny Deborde, and drummer Mike Mapes shred away, Hayden tops it all off with stunning range, going from the harsh shrieks of their earlier material to soaring cleans to the sarcastic sneer of mid-2000s post-hardcore. (There are also some backup vocals from Damian and members of Shin Guard/Hazing Over and Soul Glo.) The album offers the musical diversity of a double album in the span of about 20 minutes, keeping you hooked with its refusal to ever stay in one place for too long.

Read more here, pre-order our variant here, and stream the album below...



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