Order Melvins' 'Working With God' on orange vinyl in the BV store, limited to 200 copies in North America, exclusively through our stores, and 500 copies worldwide.

Melvins released their 24th album, Working With God, in February via Ipecac. It features the band's original 1983 lineup, of Buzz Osbourne, Dale Crover, and Mike Dillard. The tracklist includes a reimagining of Beach Boys' "I Get Around" called "I Fuck Around," and a version of Harry Nilsson's "You're Breakin' My Heart" called "1 Fuck You." See it in full, and stream "The Great Good Place," below.

Available for pre-order in the BV store is an orange vinyl pressing of the album, limited to 500 copies worldwide. Only 200 of those are available in North America, exclusively through our stores, while the other 300 are available in record stores in the UK. Pre-order your copy HERE while they last.

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Melvins - Working With God Tracklist
1. "I Fuck Around"
2. "Negative No No"
3. "Bouncing Rick"
4. "Caddy Daddy"
5. "1 Brian, the Horse-Faced Goon"
6. "Brian, the Horse-Faced Goon"
7. "Boy Mike"
8. "1 Fuck You"
9. "Fuck You"
10. "The Great Good Place"
11. "Hot Fish"
12. "Hund"
13. "Good Night Sweetheart"

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