We're very stoked to be partnering with Tigers Jaw on a new "white with pink splatter" vinyl pressing of their classic 2014 album Charmer, limited to just 300 copies and available exclusively in our stores. Order yours here. Here's what we said about Charmer when we included it at #22 on our list of the 100 best punk & emo albums of the 2010s:

Charmer could've ended up as Tigers Jaw's last album, but instead it proved to be a new beginning. It was the last album recorded with the classic lineup of Ben Walsh, Brianna Collins, Adam McIlwee, Dennis Mishko, and Pat Brier -- the latter three of which left the band before its release -- but it opened the doors for Tigers Jaw to reach a bigger audience than ever before. After Charmer came out, Tigers Jaw were no longer the niche indie-punk band that they were during the era that birthed their first three albums. They started to get widespread critical acclaim, play bigger venues than ever before, and eventually they signed to an imprint of a major label. (All the while, former co-frontman Adam McIlwee started to gain traction for his emo-rap project Wicca Phase Springs Eternal.) And the reason it all happened, is because Charmer contains the best songs Tigers Jaw ever wrote. Their 2008 self-titled sophomore album is already a classic in certain circles, but it's a scrappy, flawed classic that's probably destined to remain as niche as it was the day it came out. Charmer saw Tigers Jaw sounding like pros.

Pick up your copy HERE while it lasts, and if you haven't heard this classic in a while (or ever), stream it below...


Tigers Jaw

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