Get Tuff is the solo project of RB Roe, who also plays in emo/punk bands The Weak Days, Jetty Bones, and Save Face, but Get Tuff is a little different than those bands, somewhere between Grimes' futuristic art pop and Wicca Phase's emo-trap but with a soaring vocal delivery from RB that does keep Get Tuff tied to the earnest, down-to-earth sounds of DIY emo.

Get Tuff's new album In Sickness and In Hell comes out January 15, and it features guest vocals by Molly O’Malley, and Rolando & Tino Ybarra of Pancho Villa’s Skull on "ex post facto," piano by Emma Grrl of She/Her/Hers on "there’s nothing here yet," bass by Kevin Prochnow of Just Friends on "rag doll," and a rapped verse by Sleepyhead on "over it." "over it" premieres in this post, and you can hear that one below.

"I used to get really caught up in being 'relatable,'" RB says. "As I approached the idea of making an LP, I quickly realized that I was using the prospect of universal relatability as a means to avoid truly processing and coping with my experiences. Knowing now that our truest relation comes from our most blatant vulnerability, I’m learning every day how to really honor and sit with my emotions. It is a full-time job to truly accept oneself, and I am on the road to accepting that my disability, my trauma, and my mental illness will always be a part of me, never without its pitfalls. That is not to say that we should wallow in our acceptance, but to acknowledge that the only way out is through. This record is a vow, a promise to stick it out in sickness and in hell."

You can pre-save the new single and listen to it right here:

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