In certain corners of the underground hip hop world, one of this year's most beloved albums is Ghais Guevara's There Will Be No Super-Slave. It came out in July, before Ghais also appeared on the new Backxwash album, and here's what Soul Glo's Pierce Jordan said about it when he named it one of his 10 favorite albums of 2022:

If you don't know North Philly's Ghais Guevara yet, it's okay. Keep sleeping. You'll be awakened in some form or fashion soon enough. This man's usage of sampling of classic soul songs and Spongebob excerpts would make him one of my favorite producers I've heard in the last bit of time, but then he also comes out with some of the most hilarious and true lines in his raps that I have ever heard. I can't wait to meet him IRL.

You might wanna make sure you're awakened before Ghais plays a show near you; he's got upcoming gigs in Baltimore this Friday (12/16), Atlanta and Philly in January, and a Brooklyn show on January 29 at Hart Bar (538 Hart Street). It's an Overworld & friends party, with Overworld members titmouse973 and deathIRL, plus Jersey rapper 89 the Brainchild. Tickets are on sale now. Flyer below.

Stream There Will Be No Super​-​Slave and watch a video from the album, alongside a recent 89 the Brainchild project:


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