Aaron Stauffer, frontman of the great Tacoma, WA indie rock band Seaweed, is now fronting the band Ghost Work, whose impressive lineup also includes Snapcase bassist Dustin Perry, former/classic era Milemarker guitarist Sean Husick, and former/classic era Minus the Bear drummer Erin Tate. They released a demo in 2017, and now they're set to release their debut album, You’ll Be Buried With, on May 8 via IDEAS (pre-order). Here's what Aaron told No Echo about the band around the time they formed:

I don't know any of the other guys in that band [laughs]. I've only spoken to Sean [Husick], the dude that was in Milemarker. I got an email from Erin [Tate], the guy who was in Minus the Bear, and he was like, "I got your email from so and so, and I hope I'm not intruding, but here's some music, see if you like it, and if you want to sing on it." I remember reading that to my wife and saying, "This is going to be terrible." [Laughs] I saw Snapcase mentioned in the email, and I thought it was going to be like a hardcore band. I don't mean that it was going to be terrible because it was hardcore, it just wasn't going to be right for me as a singer.

Anyway, I heard the music and I was like, "Wow! This is really good." The guitar playing is super-interesting, and it reminded me of My Bloody Valentine or Cocteau Twins, you know? "I can totally sing on this!" It's been so much fun because in Seaweed, I only wrote about 10% of the songs, max, maybe for like 5% to be realistic. Most of the time I was just singing over someone else's riffs, and that's pretty much the only band I've played in where that was the case. So, it's been fun to be doing that again with Ghost Work.

We're premiering the album's opening track/first single "Fake Blood," which kinda strikes a balance between '90s post-hardcore and '90s indie rock, with a little post-punkiness in the mix too. Given these members' pedigrees, a song like this is right in their wheelhouse, but it's also not really a repeat of anything any of them have done before. It's good stuff -- check it out below.

Ghost Work

01. Fake Blood
02. Go Stat
03. Favored Routes
04. Statues in Spain
05. Bricks of Sun
06. Greeting from Gates
07. Salt From Tears
08. Contact Contract
09. B. Ledgewood
10. Confession on 6

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