Ghostlimb features Justin Smith, the deviated mind that brought you the "cinematic grind" favorites like the Destination Time trilogy, Los Angeles and the engineering achievement that is Graf Orlock's Doombox EP. But Ghostlimb is an entirely different animal. While both practice in skewed hardcore, Ghostlimb eschews humor in favor of a more focused brutality and more straight-ahead punk rock on Confluence, the follow-up to Infrastructure which ill be out via Vitriol Records on July 10th.

Ghostlimb's latest LP spans a taut 23 minutes over twelve tracks, four of which are streaming below -- including "Canidae", which makes its first appearance here. Head below for a stream of the tracks, lyrics to "Canidae," and Justin Smith's interpretation of the song.

While Ghostlimb currently have no tour dates, Graf Orlock does as part of a European tour. A listing of all of those dates, the song streams, lyrics and interpretation are below.

Ghostlimb - "Canidae" lyrics:
the confusion the came in the fall of '87 you warned me before my ears ever heard the shake and sixteen years on I found you placid peaceful and floating alone in that water without so much as a swell or a wake the psychosis we nurture in some inner sancta that suffering is ours and ours alone a callous dangerous and inert indifference if the chosen topic of discussion is agony and the semblance of altruism we wish to maintain the intention is to reject that rule and in every way lessen avoidable meaningless pain

Justin Smith on "Canidae":
A lot of talk about the relationships between animals and humans is clinical. Animals have value in many conflicted ways: as part of a family, as autonomous creatures, as foodstuffs and supplies. For me, some of my earliest memories involve dogs, and in this case, an earthquake when I was a kid. It would seem that, while animals are often treated in a schizophrenic fashion of simultaneous love and use, we should acknowledge that as living beings they suffer the brunt of our aversion to philosophical consistency on this topic. Even if we aim to limit pain in the mildest Epicurean way, it should extend to their consideration beyond their imposed function as a raw resource.

29.06.2012 GER - Berlin confirmed w/ Millions of Them
30.06.2012 GER - CRY ME RIVER fest
01.07.2012 GER - Hamburg TBC w/ Millions of Them
02.07.2012 NL - Njimegen w/ Millions of them, Sloth
03.07.2012 F - Lille confirmed w/ Birds in Row
04.07.2012 F - Caen TBC
05.07.2012 F - Paris / w/ Rise and fall, Birds in Row
06.07.2012 GER - Köln / Az confirmed w/ birds in a row
07.07.2012 GER - New Noise Fest confirmed
08.07.2012 B - Liege confirmed
09.07.2012 UK - Brighton w/ lich
10.07.2012 UK - Manchester w/lich
11.07.2012 UK - Norwich w/lich
12.07.2012 UK - London w/lich
13.07.2012 B - Merksplas w/ Millions of them
14.07.2012 NL - Groningen / vera
15.07.2012 GER - Trier confirmed w/ deadverse
16.07.2012 GER - Darmstadt / öttinger villa w/ deadverse
17.07.2012 GER - Munich / kafe kult /deadverse
18.07.2012 CZ - Prag 19.07.2012 SLV - Bratislava
20.07.2012 CZ - Fluff
21.07.2012 SL - Ziar nad Hronom
22.07.2012 HU - Budapest
23.07.2012 SER - Novi Sad
24.07.2012 MAZ - Skopje
25.07.2012 CRO - Zagreb
26.07.2012 SLO - Ljubljana
27.07.2012 A - Vienna /venster 99
28.07.2012 GER - Dresden / confirmed
29.07.2012 GER - Leipzig TBC

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