We've teamed up with occult rockers Ghost for a new pressing of their fourth and most recent album, 2018's Prequelle. Our exclusive edition is on clear with red smoke and black and red splatter vinyl, and limited to 750 copies worldwide. You can get it on its own, or in a special bundle with a limited edition, officially licensed Ghost shirt featuring the Prequelle album art, a sequentially numbered woven label, and a custom printed neck logo. Order yours HERE.

Here's what the vinyl and shirt look like:

Ghost Prequelle Bundle

Ghost break the papal bloodline on Prequelle, where they're led by Cardinal Copia instead of a Papa Emeritus (it's still the same person behind the mask, though).They delve into medieval themes like the bubonic plague which has helped the album age terrifyingly well on a lyrical level. It still hits hard on a musical one as well. Stream it below.

We also have Infestissumam on vinyl, Ghost ReAction Figures, and a Papa Wrath t-shirt in our store.


Ghost - Prequelle ad

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