Gia Margaret has announced a new album, Romantic Piano, which will be out May 26 via Jagjaguwar, her first for the label. “Writing instrumental music, in general, is a much more joyful process than I find in lyrical songwriting.” Gia says of the album, whose title is a bit of a joke, but also not. “I wanted to make music that was useful.”

You can get a taste of Romantic Piano via its beautiful opening track, "Hinoki Wood," which is spare, warm and compelling. "Hinoki Wood’ feels like it was made with colors I haven’t used (And I happened to be burning Hinoki incense when I recorded it.)," Gia says. "Hinoki aroma is known to reduce stress, tiredness and stimulate the brain. In a way, I wanted these songs to do the same for myself/for the person listening."

Listen to "Hinoki Wood" below.

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Romantic Piano:
1. Hinoki Wood
2. Ways of Seeing
3. Cicadas
4. Juno
5. A Stretch
6. City Song
7. Sitting at the Piano
8. Guitar Piece
9. La langue de l’amitié (feat. David Bazan)
10. 2017
11. April to April
12. Cinnamon
13. A Hidden Track (vinyl only)

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