Giant Drag's 2004 debut EP, Lemona, and their 2009 Swan Song EP were only ever released on CD. That's about to change, though, as both are being combined for one new vinyl album that will be out June 4 via Rip Roaring Records. It's limited to 500 copies worldwide and pressed on gold vinyl. Preorders are available now.

Additionally, this will also mark the first time Lemona will be available on streaming services. That EP features three songs -- "This Isn't It," "YFLMD," and "Cordial Invitation" -- that were re-recorded for Giant Drag's debut album, Hearts and Unicorns. “The early days were great,” says bandleader Annie Hardy. “We loved to just hang out and get drunk and record music.” Swan Song, meanwhile, was the last thing Giant Drag would release before calling it quits, though posthumous album Waking Up is Hard to Do came out in 2013. You can listen to "Tired Yet" from Lemona and "Swan Song" below.

A1. This Isn’t It
A2. Tired Yet
A3. Cordial Invitation
B1. Swan Song
B2. Stuff To Live For
B3. White Baby
B4. Heart Carl
B5. Jonah Ray Is A-okay (But That’s All Hearsay)