Kansas City post-hardcore/emo band Giants Chair were regulars of the '90s Midwest emo scene, and during that decade they released two full-lengths, splits with Boys Life and Ethel Meserve, and a few other miscellaneous releases before breaking up in 1997. They've reunited for shows a few times since then, and in 2017 they released the new singles "Featureless Horizon" and "The Streets," and now they're finally set to release their first album in 23 years, Prefabylon, due December 6 via Spartan Records (pre-order).

"I feel like the band kind of found US again," says guitarist/vocalist Scott Hobart, "like a two-decade long slap-back echo, and I’m sitting on the couch playing guitar to it. Similar to a lot of people in the world right now, we’re feeling pretty anxious, and I think these songs come from that."

Ahead of the album's release, we're premiering the song "Dirty Winter," which pretty much finds Giants Chair picking up where they left off. The production is cleaner and more modern, and Scott's voice has gotten sharper over the years, but otherwise this song is about as '90s post-hardcore as it gets. It's a familiar sound, but not in a way that feels rehashed, especially considering it's coming from three guys who helped shape this sound in the first place. Scott tells us, "'Dirty Winter' was one of the first songs we started writing for this record, but we kept reworking it until it was also one of the last songs we finished before recording. It seems to be about being lost and freezing - blind in a blizzard of lies."

Giants Chair also have a few Midwest shows this November. All dates are listed, with a stream of the new song, the album artwork, and tracklist, below.

Giants Chair

1. Rust Belt Rooster
2. Black Static
3. Dirty Winter
4. Kids Running
5. Vaguely Familiar
6. Ghost Love
7. Russian Racehorse
8. Time Lapse Shadows
9. Lost Again
10. House Lights

Giants Chair -- 2019 Tour Dates
11/22 The Heavy Anchor St. Louis, MO
11/23 Cactus Club Milwaukee, WI
11/29 The Brick Kansas City, MO

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