Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes is releasing his first novel, Me & Mr. Cigar, which he also illustrated; that's the cover art above. The young adult novel comes out Tuesday (1/14) via Soho Press, and here's the synopsis:

Oscar and his dog have made a pretty good life for themselves, despite the fact that Oscar’s family has all but vanished—his father is dead; his mother has a new boyfriend. His older sister, Rachel, fled five years ago . . . right after Mr. Cigar bit off her hand.

Despite the freak accident, Oscar knows his dog is no menace. Mr. Cigar is a loyal protector: a supernatural creature that can exact revenge, communicate telepathically, and manipulate car doors and windows with ease. So, when Rachel—now twenty-two and an artist living in New York—calls out of the blue and claims she’s being held hostage, Oscar sees an opportunity to make things right between them.

He races north, intent on both saving Rachel and fleeing the mysterious evil forces targeting his dog. And it’s only by embarking on this dual quest that Oscar starts to untangle his own life and understand the bizarre reality of Mr. Cigar.

To celebrate the book's release, Gibby will appear at NYC's Barnes & Nobel Tribeca on January 14 at 7 PM, in conversation with Jim Jarmusch. To attend, you'll need to purchase Me & Mr. Cigar from Barnes & Nobel Tribeca on the day of the event.

Meanwhile, Gibby recently stopped by Kim Gordon's solo art exhibition, The Bonfire, which is on display at Manhattan's 303 Gallery through February 22. They were joined, as you can see below, by none other than J Mascis.

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