photo: Black Lips @ House of Vans, 2014 (more by Chris La Putt)
Black Lips at HoV

The 2015 Gigawatts Festival is upon us, bringing 80+ bands to The Wick, the adjacent outdoor venue The Well and smaller nearby club Our Wicked Lady tonight through Sunday (7/24-26).

Things kick off at 4 PM today, and Friday's lineup includes Black Lips and A Place to Bury Strangers at The Well, Liturgy and Cerebral Balsy at The Wick and Surfbort and Heaven's Gate at Our Wicked Lady.

Other bands throughout the weekend include Braid, Beach Slang, Swearin' and more. Single day tickets ($30) and three-day passes ($60) are still available and full daily lineups and set times are listed below.

Speaking of Black Lips, frontman Cole Alexander will be DJing a party thrown by Andy Animal and Sailor Jerry at Williamsburg's Black Bear Bar on Sunday (7/26). There will be live performances from  Daddy Long Legs, Bloodshot Bill, Birdcloud, Apache, and Alana Amram & the Rough Jems. That show is $12 at the door and the party's flyer is below.


Gigawatts Fest Poster 2015

The Well:
4:30pm: Journalism
5:30pm: Celestial Shore
6:30pm: Amanda X
7:30pm: A Place To Bury Strangers
8:30pm: Black Lips

The Wick:
5pm: Cosmonaut
6pm: Rivergazer
7pm: Paperhaus
8pm: Palehound
9pm: Gingerlys
10pm: Liturgy
11pm: Cerebral Ballzy

Our Wicked Lady:
4:15pm: Secret Crush
5pm: Huffers
5:45pm: Parlor Walls
6:30pm: O-Face
7:15pm: Acid Dad
8:15pm: Bambara
9:15pm: Vulture Shit
10:15pm: Surfbort
11:15pm: Heaven's Gate

The Well:
12:30pm: Forever Lesbians
1:30pm: Motion Studies
2:30pm: Madam West
3:30pm: Maxo
4:30pm: Sizzy Rocket
5:30pm: Jack + Eliza
6:30pm: Potty Mouth
7:30pm: Miniature Tigers
8:30pm: Anamanaguchi

The Wick:
1pm: Larry + The Babes
2pm: Sofa Club
3pm: Piers
4pm: Shark?
5pm: Eula
6pm: The Bottom Dollars
7pm: Quarterbacks
8pm: Honduras
9pm: The Mystery Lights
10pm: Pile
11pm: Ava Luna

Our Wicked Lady:
12:15pm: Whiskey Bitches
1:15pm: Hounds Basket
2:15pm: Lame
3:15pm: Bugs In The Dark
4:15pm: Retail
5:15pm: Warn The Duke
6:15pm: The Gradients
7:15pm: Jangula
8:15pm: Shapes
9:15pm: Mannequin Pussy
10:15pm: Future Punx
11:15pm: Slonk Donkerson

The Well:
12:30pm: Adult Dude
1:30pm: Desert Sharks
2:30pm: TBA
3:30pm: Chumped
4:30pm: Beach Slang
5:30pm: Cheap Girls
6:30pm: Laura Stevenson
7:30pm: Swearin'
8:30pm: Braid

The Wick:
1pm: The Yin Yangs
3pm: Matty Rico
4pm: Cold Fronts
5pm: By Surprise
6pm: Ludlow Ejacula
7pm: Dances
8pm: LODRO
9pm: Dirty Fences
10pm: White Mystery
11pm: Dom

Our Wicked Lady:
12:15pm: Big Neck Police
1:15pm: Gold Dime
2:15pm: Palm
3:15pm: Banned Books
4:15pm: Dan Friel
5:15pm: Zula
6:15pm: Giant Claw
7:15pm: Show Me The Body
8:15pm: Horse Lords
9:15pm: Guardian Alien
10:15pm: Guerilla Toss

Black Bear Bar Cole Alexader flyer

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