Yesterday, the Phoenix Suns played the LA Clippers in game 2 of the Western Conference finals, winning with a score of 104-103. Booked to perform at halftime (and also perform the National Anthem) was the Suns' fellow Arizonians Gin Blossoms, who seem like a band with enough timeless, easily enjoyable hits to perform at an NBA playoff game's halftime show without pushback. Not according to one Denver Nuggets fan (and Suns hater) though, who tweeted, "Leave it to the Suns to book the third shittiest band ever."

Angry trolls on Twitter are of course nothing new, but this particular trolling has gone viral because the Gin Blossoms trolled him right back, taunting him with "Who did your Nuggets book for tonight?" It escalated from there:

Well, that was fun, wasn't it?!

Meanwhile, much to this troll's dismay, the Gin Blossoms performed as planned (with a Charles Barkley in a Suns jersey bobblehead on their drum kit) and you can watch some videos:

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