Brooklyn quintet Gingerlys have been making highly melodic, shoegazy indiepop for a few years now and just last week (11/17) released their self-titled debut album which is a real treat, full of dizzy, hyper pop ("Turtledoves," "100 Flowers") and very pretty moments as well ("See You Cry," "Incandescent"). Singer Jackie Mendoza sounds just a little like The Sundays' Harriet Wheeler, the band play with real energy and skill, and the production by Connor Hanwick (formerly of The Drums) never lets the haze overtake things. You can stream the whole album below. We've also got the premiere of the video for "Turtledoves" which finds the band on a seaside day excursion, below.

Gingerlys will celebrate the release of their new album tonight (11/20) at Elsewhere Zone One with Lola Pistola, Anna Altman, and Lost Boy. Tickets are on sale now.



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