Stockholm-based four-piece Girl Scout arrived with their debut single, "Do You Remember Sally More?," in September, and followed it with "All The Time and Everywhere" in November. They've now announced their debut EP, Real Life Human Garbage, due out February 15 via Made Records. It was produced by Ali Chant and Jacknife Lee, and you can see the tracklist below.

They've also shared a new single from the EP, "Weirdo," another breezy, likeable indie pop track. Watch the video for that below.

"Some days I just wake up and forget how to be a person," lead singer Emma Jansson says. "Like I forget how to act and can’t, for the life of me, have a normal conversation. I started working in a grocery store during the first wave of COVID when my school shut down, and it felt like I had kind of forgotten how to socially interact with people. It was an odd time where the only people I was around were strangers that I didn’t really talk about my personal life with, and I almost felt as if I wasn’t a real person. You get this feeling of being all rusty and not able to relax and climb out of your shell. Then it becomes a spiral of worrying that you’re coming off weird, making you become even weirder because you’re simultaneously analyzing if you’re being weird. Eventually, I just said ‘fuck it’ - maybe I’m weird, but I’ll live."

Girl Scout will make their US live debut at SXSW in March. Stay tuned for more dates.

All The Time And Everywhere
Run Me Over With Your Car
Do You Remember Sally Moore?
Attenborough Beach

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