Irish band Girls Names will release their new album, Stains on Silence, on June 15 via Tough Love. It's their first LP since 2015's excellent Arms Around a Vision, and was a difficult birth; they began work on it in 2016 but shelved it, then revisited, ripped it apart and rebuilt it. It's not the visceral punch that Arms was but the group's snarling attitude comes across in a more nuanced synth-noir style. We've got the premiere of "The Impaled Mystique" from the album, which falls somewhere between their guitar-heavy previous work and the more abstract tracks on the album. "We're proud of this song as it's both quite strange but also recognisably the closest thing to a traditional pop song as we've written in years in its structure, verse, chorus, verse, bridge, breakdown, outro etc," says frontman Cathal Cully. "But it's very odd and very alien sounding." Odd and alien -- not unlike 154-era Wire -- is about right and you can stream it and a couple of other songs off the album below.

Girls Names have a few UK and European shows lined up for the summer -- all dates are listed below.

Girls Names - 2018 Tour Dates dates:
June 15th - Blackbox, Belfast
June 19th - Moth Club, London
June 20th - Oporto, Leeds
June 21st - Old Hairdressers, Glasgow
June 22nd - Night People, Manchester
June 23rd - Whelans, Dublin
August 9-12th - Ypsigrock, Sicily