Portland "dream punk" band Glacier Veins have shared with us some of their favorite albums of the year. Their sophomore LP Lunar Reflection came out this year, a followup to 2020 debut The World You Want To See. Both albums mesh dream pop and pop punk, fused with even more sounds and influences. That diversity of style is well-reflected in their favorite albums of the year, which include Winter, Alvvays, The Mars Volta, Phony, and more--as well as commentary from vocalist/guitarist Malia Endres and bassist Kyle Woodrow. Read on for the list...

Glacier Veins' Favorite Albums of 2022
Malia's Picks
Winter - What Kind of Blue Are You?

I’m always awaiting new music from Winter so I was so excited when I saw she was putting out another album. With a little darker, slower tone than her last record, I now have Winter music for all moods.

UMI - Forest in the City

The most beautiful R&B, soulful album journey. Hearing one of the singles “whatever u like” back in the spring brought so much joy and inspiration to my life. So many different vibes throughout the album to give you everything you need.

Household - Hibernate

Household has had such a cool sonic evolution and I’ve loved each stage. This album has a flow where I just wanna sit and listen to the whole thing. There is some super cool production and their as-always catchy, catchy melodies.

Alvvays - Blue Rev

Alvvays has accompanied some magical times in my life, so it always feels comforting and nostalgic to hear music from them. This record is polished and fun, and the vocals are on a sweet, new level.

Momma - Household Name

After hearing the singles, I couldn’t wait for this album to drop and it didn’t disappoint. The catchiest melodies and relatable lyrics, and just an all around cool vibe.

Kyle's Picks
The Wonder Years - The Hum Goes On Forever

An awesome return to characteristics I love about TWY, along with some refined newer additions. Unexpectedly cool guitar Melodies and high vocals compliment the lyrical content so well throughout the album.

The Mars Volta - The Mars Volta

Mostly just excited to hear new material from them. Although this album is less chaotic than their previous material, I find the way they have matured their sound to be very appealing. The songs are good!

Standards - Fruit Town

I love this band, touring with them this past summer was so fun. Genius guitar melodies and pleasant rhythmic trickery here.

Phony - At Some Point You Stop

This record feels like a pleasant surprise every time I listen to it. The solid themes and catchy melodies keep me coming back.

Joyce Manor - 40oz to Fresno

I had this record on repeat when it first came out. Super fun songs with a very direct and punchy presentation all the way through.

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