Last year, Cayetana released their solid sophomore album New Kind of Normal, and earlier this year, singer Augusta Koch went on a solo tour. Now she’s got another new project, Gladie, which is a collaboration with Matt Schimelfenig of Three Man Cannon. They’re releasing their debut EP, Everyone Is Talking But You, on May 17, and lead single “The Problem Is Us” is out now. It’s slower than Cayetana’s jangly indie-punk, with a much greater emphasis on atmosphere and piano, but it doesn’t feel smaller or quieter. Augusta belts it on this song like she never has in Cayetana. It’s the kind of song that can make you drop whatever you’re doing and just listen.

Here’s what Augusta told The Grey Estates about this project:

Gladie was born out of a little songwriting challenge I participated in with two dear friends. We challenged each other to write and share a song a week. That process in itself inspired me in ways I hadn’t experienced. As I was working on the songs at the studio Matt Schimelfenig and I built in the Poconos we started piecing the songs together, experimenting with different sounds and textures. The skeleton of the songs was pretty much just drum machine, guitar and vocals, and some keyboards. Once we finished working on the four songs in the Poconos, we asked our friend Sean Hallock to record drums for them at Miner Street in Philly. We really loved how they sounded with live drums and decided we wanted to put a full band together and start playing shows. That’s where we are at now.

Gladie’s first full-band show is in Philly on May 23 at Everybody Hits with Doll Baby, Bat Boy and Big Nothing.

Listen to the new song below: