10th anniversary reissues of Glassjaw's 'Coloring Book' on 120 different vinyl variants are available in our store with an exclusive brown gatefold, along with a limited and hand-printed serigraph option.

Back in 2011, Glassjaw released the tour-exclusive Coloring Book EP, which was supposed to be a preview of their long-rumored third album. They ended up abandoning that album and then finally released a different new album with a different lineup, Material Control, in 2017, but Coloring Book remains a highlight of Glassjaw's discography and a document of an exciting era for the band. Along with that same year's Our Color Green (The Singles) EP, it's the only Glassjaw recording with the rhythm section of bassist Manuel Carrero and drummer Durijah Lang, who were in Glassjaw's live band together for a decade (and also in Saves The Day together around that same time) and who had tons of chemistry together. (Manny is also on the 2000 debut LP Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence, which Sammy Siegler drummed on.) Daryl Palumbo's soaring voice and Justin Beck's heavy-as-brick riffs are in top form on this EP too, and the whole thing holds up really well.

The EP turned 10 this past weekend (February 13, to be exact), and to celebrate, the band put it on streaming services for the first time ever. They've now also released a new video for "Gold" (directed by Torey Champagne and originally recorded ten years ago), and they've reissued the EP on 120 different vinyl variants. A press release explains:

Glassjaw, consistent trailblazers with innovative marketing and products, offered the Coloring Book EP vinyl package as different colored discs to construct a full 12-inch vinyl, each size made to be interchangeable to make as many as 120 different combinations of the same record. They've been sitting on a limited batch of those records and, as part of the ten-year anniversary, will be releasing them today - February 15.

We have all 120 variants available in the BV store, and we also have the option to bundle the record with an exclusive, limited and hand-printed 18” x 24” serigraph. The record is on 180g vinyl, packaged in an exclusive brown gatefold, and comes with a bonus CD. Get yours HERE and check out some more mock-ups of the record and the serigraph below. (Due to manufacturing processes, products may vary from image mock-ups.)

Pick up Coloring Book on one of 120 different vinyl variants here. Each variant was made in super limited numbers, and you can only get them from the BV/Revolver/Hard Times/Saint Vitus shops (with brown gatefold) or directly from the band (black gatefold). When we all sell out, there are no more.


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