Glastonbury Festival has booked metal before (like Motorhead in 2015), but this year the festival will get its first-ever all metal stage. The lineups for the Shangri-La area have been announced, and the Thursday lineup for the Truth Stage in that area is curated by Earache Records. It features two legendary UK grind bands, Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror, plus newer grind band Wormrot, anarchopunk pioneer Steve Ignorant (of Crass) with his band Slice of Life, and more TBA. Check out the flyer for that stage above, and the flyer for the whole Shangri-La area below.

The 2017 Glastonbury lineup includes Radiohead, Ride, The Can Project (original Can members with Sonic Youth members), The National, Run the Jewels, The Avalanches, and more.