Fresh off their tour with Touche Amore, Colorado emo-gazers Gleemer have followed their 2020 LP Down Through with a surprise new EP, Here At All, out now digitally via Other People Records and coming out in November on vinyl. We've teamed with the band on an exclusive half blue/half gold vinyl variant, limited to just 200 copies. Pre-order yours now while they last. Check out a mock-up of the variant below.

Speaking to us about the EP, vocalist/guitarist Corey Coffman said, "We started writing for Here At All a couple years ago. We had an amazing experience working with Will Yip on our last record, but we wanted to try things out working from home again. I was interested in making a group of songs that felt very real. I wanted all the performances to feel like us and for things to be emotional in a more transparent way than we’d done before. I also was getting really into darker music, so we tried to bend things a little more intense this time around."

"A lot of it was written in the middle of tracking sessions," Corey continued. "Charlie and I would have the basic structure done, but all the details were just done on the fly. The cover photo is a picture my wife’s grandma had at her house. We found it in a shoebox, and it just felt so fitting. I don’t like to write concretely about myself, but moreso give windows of speculation into these refracted circumstances I’m describing. Kind of like us finding that photo… I like to let the listener come up with how to feel about what they’ve found."

You can definitely feel those darker vibes coming through on these new songs, which are some of Gleemer's most emotionally gut-punching yet. Stream the whole thing below and pick up our vinyl variant here. The mock-up looks like this:

Gleemer vinyl

1. In Your Way
2. Outline
3. Passed Down
4. Backlog
5. Valentine

Gleemer vinyl banner

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