Colorado emo/shoegaze band Gleemer returned with their third LP, Down Through, this year. As the end of 2020 nears, we asked them about their favorite music of the year, and vocalist and guitarist Corey Coffman listed his ten favorite albums for us, as well as his favorite song from each. His list includes releases from Lomelda, Slow Pulp, Midwife, Seer Believer (the band led by Corey's Gleemer bandmate Nick Manske) and more, and you can see it, and stream Down Through, below.

Corey Coffman's Favorite Albums of 2020, and Favorite Songs from Each:

1. Lomelda - Hannah

Favorite song - “Reach"

I think Hannah is a masterpiece. Every element of this album continues to blow me away every time I hear it. It’s so human and so honest. I’m so thankful for this one. I’ll never forget the early morning when the lyrics to “Hannah Sun” fully connected with me.

2. Slow Pulp - Moveys

Favorite song - "Trade It"

Moveys was one of my favorites this year. It conveys the feeling of “everything is going to be ok”, in such a remarkable way. I don’t know if that was the intention, but it calmed me often through 2020.

3. Midwife - Forever

Favorite song - "Anyone Can Play Guitar"

This record comforted me when I wanted to rest in gloom. It feels to me like looking up at the stars on a cold night when you’re locked outside of your house.

4. Options - Wind’s Gonna Blow

Favorite song - "Loaner"

This Options album is so sick. The way that Seth assembles melodies and rhythms is so wild, creative, and unique. It never gets in the way of being emotionally effective. Amazing guitar music.

5. Seer Believer - Bent

Favorite song - "So Much Like Perfect"

Bent is one of the most emotional albums I’ve ever heard. It feels like all of someone’s frustrations and joys released. A culmination of what it feels like to be alive. It’s a beautiful record I’ll return to for the rest of my life. Nick is also the bassist of Gleemer and one of my best friends.

6. Little Kid - Transfiguration Highway

Favorite song - "Transfiguration Highway"

This record is so real. It felt so confident in its identity and bold in its presentation, particularly with the production. What other albums these days sounds this way? It’s obviously intentional and very commendable. It gives the album a wonderful environment that feels so honest. The lyrics are equally bold and unique.

7. Waveform - Last Room

Favorite song - "Hello Goodbye"

Listening to waveform makes me feel 10 years younger. It takes me to times when music was just becoming my escape. This album is broad in its emotional range and packed with surreal moments that seem to peel back the tight grip of life’s tensions.

8. Sprain - As Lost Through Collision

Favorite song - "Constant Hum"

Sprain's album feels so massive. It’s a good example of live-feeling production executed in the right way for the project. It’s aggressive and challenging, but comforts you in the right moments.

9. Tyler Burkhart - Box Full of Stars

Favorite song - "I can change"

This album feels so genuine. The presentation is so personal and soothing. It blurs the air and relaxes the room. Tyler Burkhart is a brilliant songwriter.

10. Soft Blue Shimmer - Heaven Inches Away

Favorite song - "Hold You in the Warm"

Soft Blue Shimmer’s debut LP is expressive, honest, and intricate. Few records this year felt so expansive or unique to me in the songwriting. Charlie, Meredith, and Kenzo are all great friends of mine and wonderful talents.


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