by Andrew Frisicano

Glenn Branca @ LPR in June (more by Lori Baily)
Glenn Branca

Tickets are still on sale for the two performances of Glenn Branca's new piece-Symphony No. 15 "Running Through the World Like an Open Razor" (music for strange orchestra)-happening at (Le) Poisson Rouge this weekend (on Sat, Nov 20th and Sun, Nov 21st). For the performance, Branca will be working with a 13-member ensemble armed with more than 100 instruments that'll include, according to a recent Observer piece, "guitar, bass, sitar, saxophone, shruti boxes, long-string guitar, harmonic guitar, cowbell, flute, zither, vibraphone, gong, concert bass drum, sarangi [and] panpipes."

As you might imagine, the live spectacle should be pretty engaging, though if you can't make it Branca recently launched a Kickstarter project that also has promise - it's to fund a live recording from LPR of the new piece cut onto 180-gram vinyl. You get a copy of the double-LP with a donation of $35, with other options available too. Check out a video about the project with the maestro below...


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