Title Fight remain on hiatus, but Ned Russin continues to be prolific with his Glitterer project, and he has now announced a followup to 2019's Looking Through The Shades, and going by lead single "Are You Sure?", it sounds like this time he's veering a little closer to the heavier sounds of Title Fight.

The album's called Life Is Not A Lesson, and it comes out February 26 via ANTI- Records (pre-order). Ned says, "The major theme in Life Is Not A Lesson is desire. 'Are You Sure?' is a song about certainty. My younger self was fascinated with and comfortable in assurances. I felt very sure I had the answers to a lot of questions. What am I doing with my life? What do I like? Who am I? My current self not so much. This song addresses the desires to find these answers while admittedly contradicting itself in the face of their questions, unsure if they’re even important to answer in the first place."

Like on Looking Through The Shades, Ned's Title Fight bandmate/brother Ben Russin played on the album, but unlike that album, this time Ned handled production himself. Watch the video for the new song and check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

1. Bodies
2. Are You Sure
3. Try Harder Still
4. Little Backwards Glance
5. How A Song Should Go
6. The End
7. Didn’t Want It
8. Indeed
9. Birdsong
10. I Made The Call
11. Fire
12. Life Is Not A Lesson


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