by Doug Moore

Glorior Belli

We debuted a lyric video for a new song by French black'n'blues metallers Glorior Belli over at Invisible Oranges this afternoon. (Serious question: does anybody actually like lyric videos? Everyone I've heard from seems to hate them, but new tunes are preferable to no new tunes regardless of the streaming format, right?)

From IO regular Joseph Schafer's writeup:

""Blackpowder Roars," the opening track on Gators Rumble, starts off in swing time with a big, rubbery baseline and pentatonic blues guitar arpeggios vamping away. No blastbeats, no tremolo. Every instrument is doing its own thing while remaining distinctly audible--praise be to Baron La Croix. By the time Julien, Glorior Belli's chief songwriter and vocalist, comes in with his layered black-and-clean vocals, wailing on his Les Paul, the tone is set. The black powder doesn't roar until just before the song's end, and by that time, things sound way more Kyuss than Khold. That's a good thing in my book."

Check out the full writeup over at IO.

Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls comes out on October 29 via Agonia Records; preorder it here. You can check out another song from the album -- the decidedly more blackened "I Asked For Wine, He Gave Me Blood" -- here. Stream the "Blackpowder Roars" lyric video below.


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