by Doug Moore


There are lots of creepy bands in metal, but NYC's Gnaw -- featuring former Khanate vocalist Alan Dubin -- are among the creepiest of the bunch. Actually, it's not quite right to call their music 'metal'; it's noisy, heavy, and deeply unsettling, but there's as much harsh noise and spooky repetition as there is actual riffwork in their sound.

We debuted a new song from their upcoming album Horrible Chamber over at Invisible Oranges today. From our writeup:

"Starting out slow and ominous, Alan Dubin delivers haunted whispers that swiftly evolve into punishing screams on the claustrophobic cacophony that is "This Horrible Chamber", the 12-minute closing track on Gnaw's similarly-titled new album...the band's sophomore follow-up to This Face traps the listener in an iron maiden device (which is almost as painful as listening to Iron Maiden's '90s albums) and punishes to the record's bitter end."

Check out the full shebang over at IO. Horrible Chamber comes out on 10/15 via Seventh Rule; you can preorder it here. No live dates have yet been announced in support of the album (though they did play a couple of regional dates in October), but given that they're based in NYC, chances are good that they'll turn up some time in the coming months.

Stream "This Horrible Chamber" below.


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