Maryland Deathfest 2019 is underway. Naglfar, Woe, Yellow Eyes, Dumal, and Vile Desecration played the Wednesday night (5/22) "prefest" show at Baltimore's Ottobar. According to a few different accounts, an attendee was kicked out of that show by a security guard because he was wearing a Goatmoon patch on his vest. Goatmoon, if you don't know them, are a Finnish black metal band with song titles like "Aryan Beauty" who most people agree are not good people.

Blog Esoterica Codex shared a screencap from a Facebook user (who they chose to leave anonymous by blocking the name), who says it was their friend who was kicked out (note: we confirmed this friend really exists):

So yesterday was the prefest at Maryland Deathfest in which naglfar headlines. I didn't go but my buddies went. Apparently a quarter through the set a security guard taps my buddy on the shoulder and asks him to come talk with him. They get to the door and the security guard goes "you know that bands really racist right?" While pointing to the goat moon patch on my friends vest then he tells my friend that either the vest leaves or leaves and proceeds to kick him out of the show.

Now whether or not you agree with the politics of goatmoon or the motivations of their music, I think it is totally inappropriate to bar a paying patron from your concert just because he has a patch of a band on his vest that you don't agree with. My friend wasn't being belligerent or causing any harm to anyone at the show at all, he doesn't even mosh. All he wanted to do was pay good money to see some of his favorite bands play live. I'd like to get your thoughts on this.

Esoterica Codex shares an additional anonymized quote from someone who says they saw what happened outside Ottobar:

I didn’t see anything that happened inside the venue but I saw everything outside that took place. Was crushing beers in the parking lot. Security guy said “All you had to do was take the vest off”, dude was yelling that he paid for his ticket and that it was bullshit. Another security guard rolled up and the original one said “I’m going to count to three, if you are not gone, I’m going to drag you away”. Then dude said fuck you and walked up the alley way and posted up under a tree on the corner of the street. It was all over a Goatmoon logo patch that he had for a bottom rocker. Honestly, the most shocking thing to me at the time was that the security dude even knew who Goatmoon was

We also found a Facebook post from someone who claims to have witnessed the incident. We will also leave them anonymous, but they wrote:

Apparently Maryland Deathfest is enforcing a dress code this year. No edgy wrongthink bands from Finland otherwise you'll get kicked out. Too bad scene policing and virtue signaling takes precedence over doing business.

For the record it was a goatmoon logo patch. And we were standing on the edge of the pit enjoying the set.

In other news does anybody wanna buy two four-day passes for MDF?

In the comments of that post, this picture of the alleged jacket with patch was posted:

Goatmoon patch

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