Godflesh's very solid 2014 album A World Lit Only By Fire was their first album in 13 years, but thankfully it only took them three years to follow that one with Post Self, which drops in two weeks (11/17) via frontman Justin K. Broadrick's Avalanche Recordings. The title track is out now, and this song alone shows off so many sides of Godflesh's sound. It has crushing riffs, gruesome screams, and also a more tender, atmospheric side. It's keeping our hopes high for Post Self. You can hear it and see the album tracklist below. That's the artwork above.

Godflesh will also be playing their classic 1989 debut Streetcleaner in full at the Hospital Productions 20th anniversary show at Brooklyn's Warsaw on November 5 (tickets). That show also has Justin Broadrick under his Jesu moniker doing a collaborative set with Nothing and Prurient, the first Skin Crime show in over a decade, Bone Awl, and more.

1. Post Self
2. Parasite
3. No Body
4. Mirror Of Finite Light
5. Be God
6. The Cyclic End
7. Pre Self
8. Mortality Sorrow
9. In Your Shadow
10. The Infinite End

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