NYC metal outfit Goes Cube have been a band since the early 2000s, trafficking in a brand of metal that's at once intense and emotional, pulling from indie rock and hardcore in addition to more obvious heavy touchstones. With members active in a number of other projects (including Cleanteeth, White Widows Pact, and Publicist UK), they've now announced that they'll be ceasing operations, but not before releasing their final album, called Shadows Swallowed the Flood, on October 21 via Old Flame/Greenway.

We've got the premiere of the ripping "Strawmen" off the LP which features vocals from Zohra Atash of Azar Swan. "It was a bit of a return to that old Goes Cube style that tends more toward punk and hardcore than metal," say the band. "We also immediately felt like it should have some really pretty, ethereal guest vocals. We wrote the song back in 2012 but there was never a question that we wanted it to be on the record. When it came time to record it, we reached out to Zohra." Listen here:

"Strawmen" is a catchy, thunderous piece of music that kind of splits the difference between hardcore and shoegaze. Richly textured its recording, the call and response dynamic between Zohra and Goes Cube singer David Obuchowski that forms the meat of the song works beautifully. It's a anguished-sounding, powerful track that doesn't sound like much of anything out there other than this band.

Meanwhile, Goes Cube have an NYC release show coming up for that album that's stacked with talent. They'll be at Saint Vitus on October 23 where they'll be joined by Descender, Primitive Weapons and a special guest. Tickets for that are not yet on sale but should be available soon via ticketfly.

Check out the full tracklist and album art for Shadows Swallowed the Flood below.


Goes Cube -- Shadows Swallowed the Flood tracklist
1. Ignore The Stranger
2. Where They Found me
3. Strawmen
4. The Once Great Champion
5. Harbingers
6. Wash Away
7. Chron's Attack
8. Shadows Swallowed the Flood
9. The Stand
10. Anthologies

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