It's been a while since we've heard from Gold Panda (real name: Derwin Dicker) but he's back, having just surprise dropped new album Jag Trax under the alisa DJ Jenifa. “When I did the last record in 2015, I made a track for a laugh”, says Derwin. “I make lots of tracks just for me, I suppose. I made a track about Chelmsford, where I was living at the time. It was about going out there in a white shirt, blue jeans, brown shoes which is like a dress code you need to get into clubs ‘cos you can’t go in with a hoody. I say ‘clubs’ I mean like, an O’Neils or some kind of Wetherspoons-style nightspot which is open till 3am. Those kind of places that exist in suburbia...So I made a tune called ‘Dresscode’. It appeared at the end of the ‘In My Car’ video and then I realised I had loads of these tunes just lying around and put them together.” The songs on Jag Trax are heavy on samples and loops and is an ode the sample-crazy early '90s of hip hop and house. (DJ Jenifa is a De La Soul reference.) Listen to the album:

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