Finally. New York City now has its own Golden Girls-themed eatery, the Rue La Rue Cafe, is located at 4396 Broadway in Washington Heights. As the name implies, the establishment is named for the late actress, animal lover and vegetarian Rue McClanahan, who played the saucy Blanche on the show. The cafe's owner, Michael J. LaRue (clearly some double puns going on here), was one of her dear friends and has decorated the cafe with Golden Girls memorabilia from McClanahan's own collection, including one of her Emmys, as well as dresses, photos and other tchotchkes. There are also dishes from the show that have been adapted into menu items.

Owner Michael J. LaRue was pals with the late Rue McClanahan, who portrayed the lusty Southern belle Blanche Devereaux, and has adorned the restaurant with memorabilia he inherited from the show. Currently still in "soft open" status, Rue La Rue is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Dinner hours coming soon.

Check out more pics of Rue La Rue Cafe, and a little video tour of the space, below.

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