Cleveland emo/indie vets Brandston broke up back in 2008, but now vocalist/guitarist Myk Porter and bassist Adam Boose play together in Golden Streets of Paradise, and they've got a new EP, Lost to the Flood, due this Friday (11/5) via Steadfast Records. The EP features alternate versions of three tracks from this year's Throes, and we're premiering the single mix of the title track, a subtle, driving, indie rock song that Myk calls "an allegory of life, love, and loss. A tale of devotion that transcends death at the hands of a symbolic sea."

Adam adds, "Personally my favorite song on the record. I love the lyrics and vocal performance so much. Very desolate and haunted. Musically equal parts The Power Station and Phantom of the Opera. To me this song sounds like the album cover." About the video, Myk adds, "I love that the video has this uneasy lilt, like waves, as it ebbs and flows." Check it out below.

The EP also includes an alternate mix of "Collide (Bury My Heart)" by veteran producer/engineer Rae DiLeo and a remix of "Throes" by Hexadiode.

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