by Bill Pearis


As mentioned, Goldfrapp will release their sixth album, Tales from Us, next week (9/10). Drawing inspiration from Scott Walker, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory eschew electro-glam in favor of autumnal, string-laden cinemascope that is only pop in the old school Bond Theme sense. It's a lovely album. You can listen to the whole thing now via Spotify.

To promote the album, Goldfrapp is working with filmmaker Lisa Gunning on a series of short films. They just released one of "Annabel," a song which is lyrically based on Kathleen Winter's 2010 novel of the same name about a hermaphroditic child who is raised as a boy in 1960s Canada. Says Alison:

It's very much about memory, identity and gender. I've always been fascinated by dual creatures, personas, people, personalities, and transformation. I think it's a theme that's pretty much always in fairy tales and horror, which I love. What struck me about Annabel is that the parents are in total denial of what their child is: this child has to choose in the end, and that's what society is making them do. Why can't you be both? I feel really strongly about that whole concept in so many things in life. All the characters in these songs are trying to figure out who they are, where they're going, and why they are who they are. - [Nowness]

You can watch "Annabel" (via Nowness) in this post.

New York will get to hear Tales from Us live in all it's swoony glory on Tuesday (9/10) when Goldfrapp play Beacon Theatre, backed by the Wordless Music Orchestra. It's their only North American live show at the current time and tickets are still available.

Video below...


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