Tim Kinsella continues to be as busy as ever. Having wrapped up another Cap'n Jazz reunion tour last year, he spent this year focusing on Joan of Arc and his solo career, and he told us about plans for a new Friend/Enemy record (which haven't come to fruition yet). He now has a new project with his partner Jenny Pulse called Good Fuck, and that band name is indicative of the duo's mission statement. "Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse have consummated their love on disc. The result is Good Fuck, an erotic exploration of experimental literary techniques and adventurous electronic beats," reads their bio. You can also get an idea of the intimacy of this project from the NSFW press photo below.

Good Fuck are releasing their self-titled debut album on February 22 via Joyful Noise (pre-order), and we're premiering lead single "Secret Meetings." Tim and Jenny trade spoken word verses over creepy, abrasive electronic production, and the song comes with a lyrics-on-screen video that stars Tim and Jenny walking in place as they deliver their words. As you probably expect from Tim Kinsella at this point, it's a very weird song but also strangely appealing. Here's what he tells us about it:

Like a litter of kittens, all of our songs emerged together in a big batch. So it's tricky to talk of any one song without referring to the whole. We patiently refined our goals over a period of months then quickly developed the system of production—a tight schedule of trading tracks back and forth non-stop over the period of a tireless week in isolation. In the end neither of us knows anymore who did what on what. A quarter of the tracks jenny takes lead vocals, and tim on another quarter. Secret meetings is representative of the remaining half of the songs, our simple vocal patterns woven together. The narrative emerged from a collaging of forms lifted from Jerome Rothenberg’s Technicians of the Sacred anthology, twisted into a sort of warped contemporary soap opera feminism.

And speaking about the video, director Lin Hixson adds:

In the elemental overtures of the lioness, evoked in lyrics reminiscent of a warped Lion Sleeps Tonight, the day passes quickly: the sun arcs across the sky, followed by the crescent moon, transected by a dark cloud – the two singers like deities at their different paces keep the complex world rolling along in mutant flow. In the end prompted by a pitch shift the camera retreats and the theatrical play comes into view.

Watch/listen and check out the album artwork and tracklist below. Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse also released the collaborative single "How Dumb" in October (which isn't on the Good Fuck album) and you can watch the video for that below too.

Good Fuck have just one live show scheduled at the moment, which happens this month (12/22) in their hometown of Chicago. They also DJ a hometown show two days later.

"Secret Meetings" Video Credits
"Secret Meetings" music video was directed by Lin Hixson, co-conceived with Matthew Goulish, with objects by Caroline Dahlberg, lighting by Christine Shallenberg, and cinematography by Chris Strong.

Good Fuck
Good Fuck

We Keep It Light
En Garde
Jenny Dreams of Pies
Spring Song
Saint Francis
Secret Meetings
Stacking Oranges

Good Fuck -- 2018 Tour Dates
12/22 Chicago, IL - Hungry Brain w/ Jimmy Whispers
12/24 Chicago, IL - Rainbo (DJ Set)

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