Gorguts have premiered a new track, or rather a new "movement," from their upcoming album/very long song Pleiades Dust. They're billing it as "Besieged," and it's a typically dense, intellectual piece of metal from the band. Starting off as a doomy trudge, the song quickly devloves into the kind of controlled chaos that Gorguts specialize in. The middle section of the 7-minute track includes some particularly impressive, frenetic bass playing, before the song slows down and hits a technically impressive, tonally adventurous guitar solo. You can stream it below.

Pleiades Dust is out May 13th via Season of Mist. They've got some European dates coming up, along with Amnesia Rockfest in their home province of Quebec. All dates listed, along with a stream of "Besieged," below.


Gorguts — 2016 Tour Dates
Apr 05 Kiff (Foyer) Aarau, Switzerland
Apr 06 Circolo Colony Brescia, Italy
Apr 07 Schlachthof Wiesbaden, Germany
Apr 08 Kulttempel Oberhausen, Germany
Apr 09 Royal Metal Fest 2016 Aarhus, Denmark
Apr 10 Headcrash Hamburg, Germany
Apr 11 Proxima Warsaw, Poland
Apr 12 Randal Bratislava, Slovakia
Apr 13 Dürer Kert Budapest, Hungary
Apr 14 Backstage München, Germany
Apr 15 Nova Chmelnice Prague, Czech Republic
Apr 16 Hellraiser Leipzig, Germany
Apr 17 Stonehenge Indoor Drachten, Netherlands
Jun 03 Amnesia Rockfest Quebec, CA