The peerless prog-death outfit Gorguts have finally unveiled the entirety of their new 1-track EP Pleiades' Dust. Following the release of a couple of sections from the piece, and before the physical release on May 13th via Season of Mist, we can now listen to the whole thing via Decibel. And boy, what a thing it is.

Gorguts, as led by Luc Lemay, have never been ones to stand still, and on Pleiades' Dust we get a microcosm of Lemay's development as a songwriter. Taking full advantage of the long-form song format, Gorguts simply lay waste to every different time signature and type of riffing that they throw at themselves. For as intellectually stimulating as this math-y music can be, the band still hits you in the gut. They can stop and start on an absolute dime, and have perfected the art of a well-placed curveball like perhaps no other working band. The EP is a major trip, and already one of the flat-out best metal releases of the year. You can stream it below.

Meanwhile, Gorguts/Krallice bassist Colin Marston is always busy. He's touring and releasing new music with Withered.

Guitarist Kevin Hufnagel is also releasing some solo material and playing shows. He's got a new recording on the way called Backwards Through the Maze, from which you can stream a track below. He's also opening for Earth's Dylan Carlson at that previously-mentioned Saint Vitus show on May 15, along with Guardian Alien. Tickets for that are still on sale.

Gorguts have promised a North American tour where they'll be playing Pleiades' Dust in full, although no dates have been announced at the moment (they are on the lineup of Amnesia Rockfest though). In the meantime, stream the mind-blowing EP, along with a new Kevin Hufnagel solo track, below.

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