Ian MacayeMACKAYE: I heard that. But no, as a matter of fact it’s kind of funny; I’m actually kind of tired of hearing about CBGB because there was a big hoopla about their 25th anniversary. They were doing a movie and they had all these bands play there like The Cramps and at some point someone called up Fugazi and asked us if we would play there for the anniversary. But Fugazi had never played there because at the time CB’s wouldn’t do a proper all ages show. They would do 16 and up and we said, “No it has to be for everybody.” And they said, “No, we’re not going to do that.” So we said “All right, we’ll play somewhere else.” And we did.

So when this guy called me he said, “Fugazi should definitely play here, you’re such a part of the spirit of the place.” But we never played there and they wouldn’t do an all ages show back when we called them. It was just funny.

I don’t really have any beef to CBGB; it’s just a place. I’m glad that people have tipped their hat to the significance of that music but if they really want to honor a place like CBGB they should be looking out for the little rooms where incredible music is being made right now. The bands that are together today are always more important than the music of yesterday; they can actually do something.


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