Brooklyn-based musician Grace Ives began her first ever headlining tour supporting her great new album Janky Star in her home city on Thursday night (9/8), playing a packed show at Elsewhere Zone One. Though she began the night with an equipment hiccup, Grace quickly found her groove delivering her infectious, offbeat pop to a crowd that was happy to sing and dance along. She devoted most of the set to her Janky Star material, but played a few older songs as well; it all got an enthusiastic reception, especially the Twin Peaks-inspired "Shelly."

Frost Children opened the night with a set of frenetic hyperpop, walking out to Hudson Mohawke's "Cbat" (which recently went viral as one redditor's sex playlist mainstay) and briefly playing tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. See pictures from the whole night, and an attendee-taken video clip, below.

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