Graduation Speech began as the solo project of Aspiga frontman Kevin Day, and the acoustic-guitar-fueled songs on his first two EPs sounded very "solo," but his upcoming third EP Private Anxieties is fleshed out by a full band (with members of Crucial Dudes) and Kevin says, "This recording is very much a snapshot of a group of people playing in a room together and all of the nuances that come with that. You can feel the push and pull, hear a note end abruptly, and I think you can just feel everyone playing off of each other."

The EP arrives April 30 via Jetsam-Flotsam (pre-order), and we're premiering new single "Everything I Need." Kevin tells us that the song "was written in December of 2019 and it was just one of those moments where everything fell into place. I immediately recorded a home demo and fell in love with the song and that specific recording. When the idea to record this EP started to come together I was very curious to explore how it would sound in a full band setting. This song is about reflecting on where you're at and that you're going to be okay."

It's a breezy-yet-driving song that channels the emo-goes-folk vibe of The New Amsterdams or the second Anniversary album, and Graduation Speech pulls that sound off well and makes it feel fresh. Listen below.