To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Grandaddy's The Sophtware Slump, frontman Jason Lytle re-recorded the album solo on an old wooden piano which really brought the songs' melancholic vibe more to the surface. If you haven't checked that out you can stream it below.

Along those same lines, Jason has just shared covers of Belle & Sebastian's "Fox in the Snow" and The Beach Boys' "In My Room" is a similar spare manner, with just a little more accompaniment than the Slump songs. Both are terrific.

"I've loved this Belle & Sebastian song for ages," Jason says of "Fox in the Snow." "I had to slow it down and tame the 'bounce' that it had though. I wanted it sweeter and sadder. That's how I hear it: sweet and sad."

As for "In My Room," Jason says, "For anyone who claims introversion as a primary characteristic and has found themselves in some sort of career that requires communicating in public, this Beach Boys song is yours. Also, scarily fitting for just being anyone out there in the year 2020."

Listen to both covers below.

grandaddy - jason lytle


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